Digital publications: The next step in the magazine’s development

The final report from my time at PS Agency and working with Mag+ Production Tool.

A report that describes how today’s technological processes look like in the production of applications for interactive publications. An interactive publication is a digitally created magazine with an extra layer of information that you can interact with. Examples of interactivity is slideshows and video and data streams in real time that are displayed directly in the magazine.

The report focuses on what it is that adds value to a digital interactive publication, and what functions which may provide cause to this. Through a comparative analysis of digital publications and the newspapers, four designaspects have been developed as an basis for how the interactive elements should be handled in the production of digital publications.

A prototype of an interactive publication was developed to show how the design aspects can be applied and to show how information can be presented in a more interactive way.

Read it here(in swedish): Digital publications: The next step in the magazine’s development

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