DIY Lace lamp x 2

The DIY lace lamp ball has been seen on Pinterest for a while and I of course wanted to try it out for myself!

I used a inflatable beach ball, a brush, a lot of wallpaper glue and an old lace curtain to create my version.

I didnt want any hole or the lace to fall of the ball so I pierced the lace with a string attached to the ball and hanged it from the ceiling. I pasted alot of glue and cut so there would be as few foldings as possible. When it was dry after a day, I turned it upside down and continued to fold and glueing all pieces together. After another day of drying I added a second layer of glue to make it stronger.

All dried, the tricky part was to get the ball out of the lace ball without it wrinkling. It took a while but with a vaccum it was a little easier to get the air out!

And voila!

A lace ball lamp!

I also did a lampshade out of the same curtain. I used besides the curtain, an old lamp shade and an elastic band.

I cut a round piece of the curtain, made some easy stitches with the elastic band som it became a sack. Then just put i t over the shade and mounted it in the ceiling. And done!

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