DIY Plastic Pearl Bowl

Plastic Pearls was a favorite for me as a child and I haven’t found any new ways to use them other than flat images. Until now!

This another DIY I found on Pinterest, but only with other output than what I was looking for. So I decided to do the one I’ve been looking for, a bowl with all the pearl standing up. I took a while to put them in place, but it was worth the result!

What you need for this is a ovenproof bowl, oil, pearls and a tweezer!

Place the pearls standing as far up you wish the bowl to be(or as in my case, so far the patience is sufficient)

Preheat the oven to 200 degrees and place the bowl in the middle for 10 min!

Let the bowl cool over night before you losen it from the bowl. And you now have a plastic pearl bowl!

As you can see my bowl got a little too hot so the pearls started to melt over each other. Next time I will try with less heat and time in the oven!

I also tried with bigger pearls and I got another output.

And with the rest of the big pearl, I tried a third time to se how it would go!

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