Mathematic Regular

This is my first font Mathematic Regular. It is one of the results from the course Font Design and Typography, Södertörn University.

On one of the lessons, it was said that all the letters are different, they can not be completely symmetrical designed. Visually, they look like they are symmetrical but it is an illusion and that each letter must be corrected and made asymmetrical so that they can look symmetrical.

It was something that I wanted to investigate whether it was really true. I wanted to make a font of letters derived from a single mold.

And Mathematic Regular is the result. The statement proved to be correct. Each letter must be corrected so that all letters can work together.

TDTVT12_Lange_Josefin_Folder TDTVT12_Lange_Josefin_Folder2

TDTVT12_Lange_Josefin_Folder3 TDTVT12_Lange_Josefin_Folder4


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